About Me

I am a full stack software developer and graduate of Nashville Software School, where I worked with HTML, CSS, JavaScript/React, Bootsrap-React, Git/Github, Python/Django and SQL/PostgreSQL.

I have experience in product development, user experience, and content strategy- as well as a background working leading cross-functional teams in early-stage startups.

Before transitioning to engineering I spent 10 years as a copy and UX writer. When I moved to the Bay Area I discovered that many startups desperately needed a UX writer, but didn’t have the funds to hire one or the knowledge to find a good freelancer. This led me to co-found Airwork, a startup designed to provide businesses in need with short-term contracts for quality UX writers.

While I took on many roles- copywriter, product manager, researcher, my greatest frustration was that I could not actually build any of the product myself. Frustrated by this experience and intrigued by the work I saw my engineers doing, I decided to attend Nashville Software School and become a software developer.

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